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Posted on Tuesday, 28 March 2018

Millions of phones are lost each year, despite the fact they are normally glued to our hands.

There can be nothing worse than losing anything whilst travelling. What’s even more terrifying is losing your phone. Full of your contacts, photos, memories, card information… your life. Just because of one thoughtless moment!

When you lose your phone whilst travelling, there are a few steps to take to potentially get it back. However, in most cases, they’re lost forever, so there are ways you can at least restore your data.

What to do if you lose your phone when travelling

With iPhones, restoring your data can be very easy if you back up your iPhone daily. All that you need to do is simply buy a new device and sign in to iCloud.

Android devices are similar, everything should be backed up on Google. So when you get your new device you simply need to go online and log in and everything will be synced.

It’s important to know how your phone backs up, or if it even backs up at all. You don’t want to be trying to figure this out when you’ve already lost your phone.

When you know that your phone has completely vanished off the face of the Earth, you need to contact your phone carrier and disable the account. That way if someone can get into it, you won’t be responsible for any use of the phone. This is very important, due to the fact that you can pay for things using your phone – you don’t realise how easy it is until you think about it.

Logging onto your Android or iPhone device online and wiping it will be very painful. But again, this is a very important step. Finally, all that you need to do now is purchase a new device.

If you have phone insurance, we would advise calling them as soon as possible to get a replacement phone sent to you as soon as you arrive home. Recovering a smartphone normally costs £50.

Tips on what to do if you lose your phone

  • If you own an iPhone, please remember to back up your phone daily. Your phone can do this automatically if you set it up in your settings. It won’t backup automatically unless you tell it to do so
  • Having a passcode, face recognition or finger ID is crucial so whoever finds your phone cannot get into your private information
  • Set up “find your phone”! You can do this on both iPhone and Android
  • Check lost and found. Companies such as Crowdfind team up with airports and use special technology to help locate the owners of lost devices
  • Attaching a tracker device to your phone could save you if you act quickly
  • Calling your phone can help you find it massively. If you’re travelling be prepared to talk and understand another language to make the situation easier.

How to reduce the risk of losing your phone

  • Secure your phone in a zip pocket or on a lanyard – this can give you great peace of mind
  • Buy a belt or bum bag – this can keep your belongings a lot more secure and safe
  • Take another phone for your holiday. It may not be as good as your current phone, but there’s a lot less to lose if you misplaced it
  • Attach an additional tracker. Brands like Tile are made for situations like this.

At Airport Park & Ride, we always want to help. So if you lose your phone on one of our shuttle buses, we will help you find it and keep it safe until you return to pick it up.

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