What to do if you lose your passport

Posted on Thursday, 15 March 2018

It’s a few hours before you have to leave for the airport. You’ve reached into your bag to double check you have your passport at the ready. Gum, wallet, keys.. Maybe a bit of rubbish and receipts.. But, no passport?
You go over to check your suitcase, all of your pockets and bags.. Still no passport.

Oh no.

You’ve lost your passport.

What on earth can you do?!

Okay. Don’t worry and do not panic! There’s a few things you can do to sort out this problem.

Nearly 50,000 Brits lose their passport abroad and it costs them £5 MILLION! Each year!

First things first.

First you’ll have to report your passport lost or stolen, you can do that on the GOV website here. It’s important that you report your passport lost or stolen to prevent someone using your identity.

Then, simply visit the GOV website here to apply for an emergency travel document. This document can you get straight home! However if you’re in the middle of travelling the world, this document can only get you through 5 countries. You’ll need the exact dates of when you’ll be entering or leaving a country as it’s applied on your emergency document.

This document can also be used if you need a last minute “passport.”

How much will it cost?

However it’ll set you back £100!

That’s not a great deal of money in a case of emergency. The document will take 2 working days to be processed. So it’s important that you do this as soon as you find out you’ve lost touch with your passport as this could create a domino effect of problems.

Airport Park & Ride’s advice in this situation is to have as much evidence as possible. Even simply photocopying your passport can be a big help. Using the hotel’s safe to keep all of your passports together and literally safe! It’s a no brainer. Using alternative ID or photocopies while you’re out and about on holiday is a better idea than using your passport. If you don’t have another form of ID or a safe in your hotel, keeping a close eye on your passport and use a pocket it can’t fall out of (or be taken from). So, investing in a anti-theft bag could save you a lot of hassle.

What will happen with my Glasgow Airport Park & Ride Parking?

At Airport Park & Ride, our staff understand that things can go wrong when you’re away or even when you’re still at home. If you experience any issues when travelling to or from Glasgow Airport, please get in contact with us here and let us know what difficulties you may be having before you travel on holiday or when you’re away.

Airport Park & Ride understands that there can be delays and hiccups, so we are here to help.

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