Travelling With Children Checklist

Posted on Monday, 18 March 2017

Packing for your summer, or indeed any, holiday can be stressful at the best of times. Factor children into the equation and your stress levels can be multiplied exponentially, and that’s before you even begin to think about baggage allowances.

If you’re worried about flying with children, take a look at our tips for flying with children , before you fly.

One common mistake people make when packing for their holiday, is packing too much. We see it all the time, people rooting through overflowing cases at the check-in desk in a desperate, last minute attempt to avoid a baggage charge that can sting.

The simple solution is this: only pack what you need. Stick to a small number of staples that can be mixed and matched for any number of occasions.

To make sure you have both everything you need for your holiday, and a case that doesn’t need Arnold Schwarzenegger to lift it, use our simple travelling with children checklist.

The essentials/hand luggage

Booking confirmation
Boarding passes
Car hire/ car insurance details/ driving licence
Debit/credit cards
Visa (if required)
Holiday insurance documentation
Emergency contact numbers/details
Airport parking confirmation
Transfer details/ destination address
Travellers cheques
Plug adaptor

For the children

Favourite cuddly toy
Plug in night light
Bottles/ formula/ baby food
Nappies/ nappy cream/ baby wipes (You can buy most of this abroad, so to free up more space, take just enough to cover the flight and the time to arrive at your resort, plus any emergencies.)
Bag of toys (use this on the place to keep them entertained)
changing mat
Children’s medicine  – Remember, you can only take up to 100ml in your hand luggage with you.
Car seat (You may be able to hire these from your car hire company or at your resort, so do your research before adding an additional item to your luggage)

Personal essentials

Mobile phone
Glasses/ contact lenses
Medication/ vitamins
Phone/tablet charger


Sweater/ Jacket x 1 – to be worn on cool evenings (Top tip – travel in these bulkier items to free up additional weight in your case)
Shorts x 2
T-shirt/ tops/ vests x 4
Jeans x 1 (Travel in these)
Dresses x 2
Skirts x 2
Socks x 4 (sandals and flip flops will not require socks so take this into consideration when packing)
Swimwear x 2
Underwear x 7
Sandals/ flip-flops x 1
shoes x 1
Nightwear x 1
Hat or cap x 1
backpack/ handbag x 1


Toothbrush/ toothpaste
Shampoo/ conditioner
Plasters/blister plasters
Make-up (anything in excess of 100ml make sure you place in the hold)
After sun
Hair brush
Hair dryer (most resorts have these)
Straighteners/ curlers
Face wipes
Sun cream
Sanitary products

Everything else

Eye mask
Plastic bags for laundry
Pen/ paper
Playing cards

Travelling with children checklist

Granted, there are a few things I’ve included on this list that can be bought at your resort, but I prefer to err on the side of caution and not have to rush around once I reach my hotel, trying to find things that I could’ve just brought with me. That said, some things I would buy at the resort, rather than pack, are poolside items: goggles, snorkels and inflatables; they’re cheap to buy and can take up precious space in your luggage if you try to take them with you.

To be successful with your luggage, make it a personal mission to fit as much in your case as you can, without exceeding your baggage allowance.

And finally…

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