Looking for Cheap Airport Parking? Here are 10 Tips you MUST Consider

Posted on Thursday, 27 March 2018

Finding the right low-cost airport car park to keep your car safe while you go on your holidays may be confusing, everyone is saying they have the cheapest airport parking and safest but you don’t know who to trust. Check out our top 10 tips about what to look out for.

1. Reviews

The first thing you should always do is check what other customers are saying about their airport parking facilities, even if you’re not a first-time buyer and used them in the past. This is because airport parking is something you may only need once or twice a year, so you should check the reviews every time. In the 6 months since you use an airport car park things might have changed, their reputation and security might have decreased.

2. Park Mark and other accreditations

When looking for cheap airport parking it is important to see if they have any accreditation by a recognised security body. Luckily in the UK one of the biggest and most trusted is Park Mark , any airport car park can apply but not all get accredited because of their high standards. A representative of Park Mark accompanied by a member of the local police come to the car park and do their own safety assessments.

Airport Parking Park Mark

3. Too good to be true

We all love to find a cheap deal, but with buying cheap airport parking the saying, “too good to be true” is actually true. As there are so many airport parking sites you will see different prices, but before you book the cheapest airport parking, ask yourself why is it cheaper that others? Is it because they have less security, less technology looking after the cars? Maybe there’s no security personnel on-site and no security standards to keep to as they are not accredited or recognised by trusted bodies?

4. Ask someone you know

The easiest and most trusted seal of approval would be to ask someone you know and trust. This way you can get the information from someone who isn’t going to lie or bend the true for a sale.

5. Google Maps

The main complaint and worry from customers is cars left unsecured, or on muddy land and fields. One way to check where your car is being kept is to use Google Maps, street view and satellite view. With this, not only will you have an idea of the place you will leave your car but also, the kind of security the perimeter has.

Glasgow Airport Parking Street View

6. Opening & closing hours

All airport parking sites must be open 24 hours every day. If they are not, something is wrong. Planes depart and land at any time, they do not stop so a trusted airport car park shouldn’t either.

7. Facebook / Twitter

As a trust indicator, check if they have social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter , also if they keep them updated. This will give you a feeling of how the car park is run with the images and messages they upload. Also, you will find competitions and discounts on their pages, so enter a competition and you might just get your parking for free.

Airport Parking Discount Facebook Airport Parking Discount Twitter

8. FAQ

If this is the first time you are looking to use airport parking, look at a car park’s frequently asked questions page. This will not only answer any questions you may have but also answer questions you may not have thought of but needed answering.

9. Contact them

I cannot stress this enough, if you can’t find the answer you are looking for, message them. If you have found cheap airport parking but don’t trust them because of something you haven’t seen that is on other sites, message them. Official and trusted airport car parks are always happy to help, they will get back to you usually on the day if customer service is open, or if you are in a hurry and need to book now, ring them and ask them.

10. Comparison sites

Remember if you’re on a comparison site, don’t just research if the comparison site can be trusted but also the car park. Accreditation like Park Mark can only be awarded to car parks and not comparison sites. So, you may see the Park Mark logo on their site but this don’t mean all the car parks they are comparing are accredited. Usually, there is a filter where you can select Park Mark to see all the accredited airport car parks. Note, see if the airport parking site you have seen on the comparison site have its own site, as it may be cheaper to book directly because the comparison site must make commission.

Follow this list and you will filter out all the below par and unsafe airport car park. There is no point parking your car for £10 or £20 less only to have your car damaged – which could cost you £500+ – or even have it stolen. Think to yourself, how cheap is too cheap for airport parking? Look at a few sites, do your homework and you will figure out the correct price range.