How to Save Money when Buying your Flights

Posted on Wednesday, 24 March 2018

Travelling can be very expensive, however if you take on these top tips on how to save money on flights, then you should have more money to spend away!

Time your buy right.

Everyone wants a holiday at least once a year, so planning when to buy your flights months prior can save you over 50%. Airlines price their airfares actively, so it’s difficult to know when to get the very best price possible. Buying your flights in advance will be a lot more practical.

If you’re planning a last minute holiday, you can set up price alerts with most airline apps. Kayak do this for the following month, or even the following year. They can even go off your personal price budget. So when they have a good deal, they’ll alert you!


There are always set times of the year, like January sales and Black Friday, where prices are cut massively. Plus, if your email is assigned to airline mailouts, you’re more likely to catch these airline sales. If your email currently doesn’t receive mailouts from major airlines, even better! You can grab a discount with some companies just for signing up.

Some sites, like Secret Flying, constantly have cheap flight deals and discounts. They send out emails when companies mistakenly put the wrong rock-bottom price online. The only risk here is that airlines may not choose to honour them. The good news is, if that does happen, you are guaranteed your money back. Sign up with your email and you’ll never miss a bargain.


Fridays and Sundays are typically known to be more expensive for flights. Simply changing the day you leave and the day you come back can massively save you money.


When people go on holiday, they normally fly from and return to the same airport, with the same airline. Changing your location and/or airline can save you a lot of money when returning home! This alternative can be a little more travel time consuming, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The more you travel, the more you see!

Airline extras.

When travelling with your friends or family, you’ll want to sit next to each other. Avoid paying extra to choose your seat by simply checking in early.

You can also save money by preparing your own travel food and snacks, rather than buying costly meals at the airport or stocking up on overpriced snacks on-board. Plus, this way you can take whatever you want with you!

Comparison sites.

Whatever you’re looking for, comparison sites are always worth a look. Comparing flight costs may be obvious, but you can also compare your parking costs. With Airport Park & Ride , you can simply compare different dates and different Glasgow Airport car parks in seconds, so you can link your best flight prices, with your best parking price.

So, whatever holiday you’re planning on going, hopefully these tips will guarantee you the same trip, at a cheaper price!