Top places to visit in 2018

Posted on Friday, 16 March 2018

2018 is well underway, so it’s time to book some holidays! Check out our list of the top destinations you should definitely add to your travel list this year.


London is a place you can never get enough of – why not add it to your list of 2018 travel hotspots if you’re looking for inspiration? There are so many things to do and see in London. This can be overwhelming if it’s your first time there. So it’s worth going time after time!

No matter what your interests , you’ll find something you’ll love in London. There are amazing sights to see, such as the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace to name a few. London is also the place to visit if you’re an art lover. The National Portrait Gallery and Tate Modern are both located here and shouldn’t be missed. And while it gets some stick, we think British cuisine is some of the best in the world – and there’s nowhere better to experience it as its best.


Whether you want a romantic getaway or to tick an amazing destination off your travel list, there are so many attractions in Paris. The Louvre, Notre Dame and The Eiffel Tower are some of the major sights, but there really is something for everyone.

If you choose Paris as one of your 2018 travel destinations, you’ll have a lot to do and see!

Don’t forget the amazing French cuisine – and we’re not just talking about frogs legs or snails! Try freshly baked pastries and bread, mouth-watering cheese and fine wines. Eating in local bistros and brasseries offers an authentic experience, while the many pavement cafes are the ideal spot for watching the world go by.

As well as browsing at the local flea markets, you may even want to go into a fashion dream and shop in the fashion capital of the world. Who could blame you? You’ll find the biggest designer names there – just don’t forget your credit card!


Italy’s capital is filled with ancient ruins, such as the Forum, the Colosseum and Vatican City, which is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, St. Peter’s Basilica as well as the Vatican Museum. Rome is full of culture and this is a city that knows how to show it off!

With globally influenced art and architecture, there are so many masterpieces that you need to take in. And in the home of Roman-style pizza and carbonara, you can’t go wrong! You’d be crazy not to add Rome to your to-do list when it comes to 2018 travel.

New York

New York really is a tourist’s dream city! For first-time visitors, the Statue of Liberty, the Met and Times Square are just a few of the sights that you must see.

Travelling to the city for the second or third time? Delve into New York’s neighbourhoods and explore quirky shops, delis and bars. Seeing a different side to this world famous city would be an amazing trip to take this year. New York is one destination that everyone needs to tick off their list. And you’ll find more and more to see every time you travel there!


Being the largest of the Greek islands, Crete is truly a paradise for holidaymakers seeking hot sunshine, seductive beaches that go on for miles and culture that goes back decades. Filled with the abandoned monastery and ruined buildings, exploring Crete will open your eyes to the island’s past. Dining in Crete is like no other. For one, its bright white landscapes offer the perfect backdrop to enjoy classic Greek cuisine.

The people who call Crete home will welcome you and tell you stories about the island’s rich but troubled past. And if that’s not enough, your view on salads will be changed forever as this island knows exactly how to make them!


Best known for its world famous football club, Barcelona is a top destination for 2018 travel. It can be a relaxed place with months of sunshine, white sandy beaches and delicious food.

Visit the football stadium, enjoy a coffee in the historic Gothic Quarter or take in the breathtaking Sagrada Familia Basilica. Easter 2018 is a great time to visit this magnificent city. Why? It’s not too hot, all the locals are in town and all the shops are open. There’s nothing better than enjoying Spanish food in the sun, whether you’re revisiting or discovering Barca for the first time in 2018.


From cool wine bars and clubs, to historical landmarks like Prague Castle, the old town square or the medieval Astronomical Clock, Prague is one on its own. Whatever the weather you’ll be surrounded by colourful baroque buildings and unique food you must taste. Not to mention events that go on all year round.

Prague should definitely be on your bucket list for 2018. This cultural city is a must-see!


Discovering Jamaica will be one of the best experiences you will have. There’s so much to take in. And how can you go wrong in a country full of long, clear beaches, mountains, waterfalls, cliffs and caves?

The list of reasons to visit this untouched gem is endless. The people are filled with tradition and culture. As is their delicious food! Indulge in jerk chicken, goat curries or johnnycakes, while soaking up all that sun.


This country is a mix of modern culture and history. If you’ve never been, it’s certainly worth a visit in 2018.

Adventure through world-class entertainment and shopping and take in opera shows, Burj Khalifa and Dubai Creek. Sightseeing in Dubai is a unique experience. Skydive over Palm Jumeirah, float over the desert dunes in a hot air balloon or even grab a high-speed ride at IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Whoever you are, or whatever you want to do we think you should visit Dubai in 2018. The incredible weather is enough reason alone!

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