How To Go On Holiday More This Year - Airport Park & Ride

Posted on Tuesday, 8 March 2019

Happy new year! January is a great time for a fresh start (although if you’re attempting Dry January or embarking on a new diet, it may not feel that way right now). So why not make 2019 the year you tick off as many destinations on your bucket list as possible?

We’ve put together a few tips to make this year the year you see more of the world than ever before.

1. Start planning

Payday may still seem a long way off, but use this to your advantage. Rather than splashing out on a spontaneous holiday now, do some careful planning on how you can plough through your travel bucket list this year. Make a list of the places you’d like to go on holiday, research the best (and cheapest) times to go to each place and begin planning a budget for each trip. Get those holiday requests in now to start organising your schedule. Then, you can work out how to set aside an amount each month to help you realise your 2019 travel goals. Plan now, reap the rewards later!

2. Keep an open mind

It sometimes feels like everyone on your Instagram feed visits the same – relatively small – number of holiday destinations every year. Don’t follow the crowd this year. Instead, open your mind up to new possibilities and you may find yourself having an amazing experience (for much less £££). Scour travel blogs and Pinterest, sign up to email alerts for cheap flights to unusual destinations. The chances are, if you aren’t too specific about where you want to go, you could uncover some incredible travel gems.

3. Use your time wisely

Make the most of the time you have by planning weekend trips – you’d be surprised how much you can see in a couple of days if you plan smartly! Equally, wise up to how to use your annual leave to maximise available holiday time. By being smart with your leave, you can end up with much longer holidays and more time than ever to explore the globe. Check out this article to enjoy an incredible 54 days using just 27 days of annual leave!

4. Live a more minimalist lifestyle

If you cut down on shopping, regularly switch your energy provider to get the best deal and use public transport or walk more, you can save thousands to put towards more vacations. There are lots of ways you can become more minimalist in your everyday life, and the benefits are not just financial. It can also be a great move for your mental health and wellbeing. Could you live more simply this year to enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle?

5. Book your airport parking in advance

Once you’ve booked your flights, make airport parking the next item on your checklist to ensure you get the best deal around. Prices tend to rise closer to travel dates as car parks fill up, so the best deals can be found by booking well in advance. Make sure you sign up to airport parking email alerts so you’re the first to hear about exclusive discount codes. You can sign up to ours here – and we promise no spam, just great offers and the latest news!

6. Check out loyalty discounts

Many hotel companies, like, offer a loyalty rewards scheme which gives you money back or money off your next trip when a friend books using your referral code. If you like the freedom of staying in an Airbnb rather than hotels, use their referral scheme to earn credits you can use towards a future stay.

7. Do a house swap

Love to live like a local on holiday? How does free accommodation sound? There are a number of house swaps websites set up where you can list your home and find someone who is interested in swapping properties for a vacation. Think The Holiday (although we can’t promise Jude Law will turn up on your doorstep). While this can be a fantastic way of saving money, make sure everything is agreed on upfront, so there are no awkward moments later. Make sure you cover who is responsible for paying utilities, how you both expect to find your home when you return and whether you are happy to swap vehicles for the duration of the swap. If you can iron out the finer details, this could be an amazing way for you to enjoy more holidays this year!

8. Go freelance

Leaping into life as a freelancer is not for everyone. However, if you’ve been thinking of taking the plunge for some time, then why not go for it this year? Depending on your line of work, you could be putting the free in freelance by working from anywhere in the world. And while this isn’t possible for everyone, there are a number of jobs in today’s gig economy that lends themselves to the freelance life. Think writing, graphic design, digital marketing, virtual assistant work, web development, online tutoring, social media management or consultancy. There are plenty of jobs which only require a laptop and a WiFi connection, enabling you to travel the world while you work. Could yours be one of them?

9. Extend work trips

Many of us travel for work, but only see the inside of an airport, hotel and meeting room during the trip. This year, why not look into extending those trips to enable you to see more of the world? Ask your employer if you can use annual leave to stay an extra day – you may only have to pay for your accommodation if your return travel is already covered by work. Even if it’s just a meeting in another part of the UK, it could be a great excuse to explore a new city or area.

Wherever you get to this year, we hope you have an amazing time!