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Posted on Monday, 30 March 2018

Let’s be honest, packing light is one of the hardest things about travelling. Normally I pack just about everything apart from my cat (trust me, I would if I could.)

First things first.

Getting the perfect case is very important. You’ll need to make sure it suits the hand luggage sizes and guidelines. These can be different for each airport company, so doing your research on this is vital. You should aim for the biggest case you can get, as well as making sure it’s lightweight yet durable.

No “what if’s”

You need to plan exactly what you need and completely cut off the “what ifs”, because living dangerously is the life of packing light!

Checking the weather for where you’re going sounds obvious, but it’ll give you a good idea of what you should and shouldn’t bring.

Your outfits are a big section of your suitcase so you should really look at your colour palette. If you’re wearing “out there” colours or clothes, you’re going to be packing more things to make the outfits work. However if you’re wearing neutral or co-ordinating colours, it’s a lot easier to mix and match.

Think about the materials, too – both in terms of wearability and fitting into your suitcase. Is it easy to fold up as small as possible? Or is it going to crease? Is it thick material?

Wherever you’re going, hot or cold, wearing your bulky coats or as many layers as possible can be a good help. Maybe not through security, however it’ll save a lot of space in your case!

Whatever your chosen destination, taking a scarf is always a good idea, even if you’re travelling somewhere hot. After all, it’s always freezing on planes, plus scarves can be used as a blanket or if it’s too hot because of your bulky coat, you can simply use it as a pillow!

Little hacks that actually work

The good old roll your socks into your shoes. Rolling all clothes (if you’re really struggling for space, rubber bands help massively!) or using dividers.

One, two pairs or three at the very most of GREAT shoes will help massively, so choose wisely! Make the ones that you’re wearing to the airport count, don’t wear your sandals to the airport as it’s more likely that all your other shoes will take up more space!

Use the little zip pockets to your advantage – underwear, small shirts.. Whatever you can fit in there! Just make sure you use it. It’s a good idea to use one of these for your boarding pass and passport, preferably the easy access one!

Putting the heavier objects, like shoes, in the bottom will help save space as well as helping with organising your case.

Bagging up your liquids beforehand is a massive time saver at the airport and it’ll give you a good idea of how much you can bring and how much space it’ll take up in your case. Also think about what type of hotel you’re staying in, nine times out of ten you’ll get free shampoo, conditioner and soap!

Especially for the makeup lovers out there, bringing moisturising foundation, palettes you can use as powder foundation as well as eyeshadow can save you plenty of room in your makeup bag! You’ll know what to do.

Luckily at Airport Park & Ride, it doesn’t matter how much luggage will take. We will get you to the airport with all of your bags (or bag) in no time and as safely as possible.

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