Top 7 Things To Do in Frankfurt Germany

Posted on Thursday, 8 March 2018

Frankfurt is the most international city in Germany. Only one in three people in the city actually hold a German passport. So no matter where you come from, you’ll meet people who speak your language, or serve the food you love! Of course, there’s German cuisine for when you want it. This liberal and democratic tradition of the city is the reason for so many people from diverse cultures have lived there in peace with each other for a very long time.

What Frankfurt offers


Museums are a huge interest for travellers in Frankfurt, as they have over 30 different museums on offer for you to see! There’s also a choice of theatres and stages for you to have a look into.


Frankfurt has several amazing landmarks such as Romer – one of the oldest and most beautiful town halls.

Romerberg is an amazing landmark where everyone gets together, where they have been getting together for longer than one thousand years, which is in the centre of the city.

Romerberg is also known as Frankfurt’s old town centre.

Hauptwache is the busiest pedestrian areas, which translates to “the Main Guard.” Hauptwache is also famous for the mix of fine historic buildings and modern structures. The square itself is the main shopping area with a built-in underground mall which is perfect if you want to have a unique shopping experience! Public transport isn’t too far from there either.

Cathedral, Opera House, City Gates…

There’s an Imperial Cathedral of St. Bartholomaus which can be seen from afar, but up close it holds so much historical significance. The building was built with red sandstone in a Gothic style between the 13th and 15th centuries. The cathedral stands at 95 metres, which is tiny compared to Frankfurt’s skyscrapers, however the Roman Catholic building still manages to stand out!

In the heart of Frankfurt, Opernplatz, lives the Old Opera House. This building shimmers now, however it was destroyed in World War II but was rebuilt and reopened in 1981 as the city’s most important concert venue. The opera building is now in a nearby modern building.

Another beautiful building of the city is Eschenheimer Turm. Built in the 1400s, it still stands strong. The tower was a city gate but now you can grab yourself a coffee in the 47 metre high building. It’s also used by local historical societies.

Take a trip to the Zoo

Zoo Frankfurt is home to over 4,500 animals, covering over 450 different species. The 32 acre zoo is the second oldest in Germany. This zoo is known for its extra care and homing for the animals, especially with animals from different climatic regions.

Time out

In the beautiful city, there’s a quirky 54 acre palm garden filled with beautiful paths and lights, also known as Palmengarten. The beautiful garden also hold a children’s playground, picnic spots and boating. Greenhouses also fill the garden with extraordinary subtropical and tropical plants. Palmengarten has attracted some of the top performers around the world to host their show there.

What to eat

Kleine Markthalle is a traditional German market with over 150 market stalls. They sell the finest foods of Germany including the famous Frankfurt “Green Sauce” (Grüne Soße.) This condiment is made of seven herbs, sour cream and egg. Taking a trip to the market will give you the traditional taste of Germany.

Grab a pint

Frankfurt. The home ebbelwei cider. There’s no better place to enjoy having a pint in a beer garden. However, if you can’t pronounce that (like me) if you ask for apple wine, they’ll know what you want! Frankfurt has beautiful views across the city. So whether you like walking through the city to see the amazing skyline view, looking into the “new old town” or even relaxing in the greener areas for a relaxing walk, Frankfurt is definitely one for your bucket list.

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