Looking for cheap Edinburgh Airport parking? Look no further than Secure Airparks Edinburgh.

Secure Airparks is an Edinburgh Airport park and ride service. You park your car at the car park and take a ride on our free transfer bus which will take you to and from Edinburgh Airport. Simple parking!

How it works:

When you arrive at the car park your car’s registration will be automatically recognised by the ANPR licence plate reader and let you in. Park in any space, keep your car keys and head to the bus stop to get a ride to Edinburgh Airport.

Secure Airparks is the closest off-site car park for Edinburgh Airport. Catch the car park’s shuttle bus to the airport. It runs continuously, 24 hours a day, is included in the price and takes only 2 minutes. It’s a door-to-door service as the shuttle bus will drop you off right outside the terminal.

When you get back, the shuttle bus will pick you up right outside the terminal doors and take you back to Secure Airpark’s Edinburgh Airport car parking site.

Secure Airparks

Edinburgh Airport Parking Accessibility:

This Edinburgh Airport parking service is ideal for customers with mobility issues, as it’s the only service where you’ll be dropped off right outside the terminal doors.

The car park has accessible shuttle buses and disabled parking bays – just be sure to leave a copy of your Blue Badge visible in the car.

Secure Airparks Edinburgh Airport car park security:

Secure Airparks has removed the need to worry whether your car is being looked after and parked safely when you are away on holiday. This Edinburgh Airport parking site has accreditation from Park Mark to prove how reliable and safe it is to park your car. Park Mark has visited Secure Airparks in Edinburgh, along with the local police, to carry out safety assessment checks and look at the following before giving Secure Airparks accreditation:

  • Planning permission
  • Insurance
  • Management procedures to ensure the safety of cars

These are the security feature Secure Airparks Edinburgh Airport has in place to keep your car safe from damages and theft:

ANPR – the licence plate reader will only let customers and staff into the car park. Any other car that isn’t in our system will not be let into the car park. Secure Airparks also has a “one entrance and one exit” system, so it makes it easier to control who comes in and out the car park.

CCTV – 24/7 monitored camera.

Regular staff patrols – Secure Airparks has a security team that regularly walks through the airport car park so that your car’s safety isn’t only reliant on technology, but also real people who can act and make critical decisions if needed.

Security fencing – the perimeter of Secure Airparks Edinburgh Airport parking site is protected by fencing, you can only enter via the barrier that is protected.

NB – make sure you provide your correct car registration before arriving, as the car park works on a number plate recognition system.

Edinburgh Airport Passenger Information

Edinburgh Airport is the busiest airport in Scotland, so take a look at our essential Edinburgh Airport passenger information to help you navigate and make the most out of your time while you are waiting for your plane.

Park & Ride

Park & Ride

Park & Ride

2 min transfer time

Park & Ride

Transfers on demand

Park & Ride

0.5 miles from the airport

Park & Ride

You keep your keys

Park & Ride

24 Hour Security


100 Ingliston Road
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Phone: +44 131 33 33 377