Best Extreme Holidays for Thrill Seekers

Posted on Monday, 15 March 2018

What is actually on your bucket list?

Do you need a new adventure?

Are you prepared to tick the most extreme trips off your list?

One thing’s for sure, these extreme holidays aren’t for the faint-hearted! Read on to see our round-up of the most thrilling experiences out there.

Bungee Jump in Chile

Everyone has thought about doing a bungee jump, and most actually want to do a bungee jump. So why don’t you do it in the most extreme way possible? have amazing adventures on offer, and one of them is a bungee jump in Chile, 125,000 feet above the earth. If that isn’t enough, you will be jumping within 700 feet of the active volcano, Villarrica, in Pucon. And if THAT isn’t extreme enough, there’s also no way back into the helicopter once you’ve jumped, so you have a long line ride back to the airport.

This adventure isn’t cheap however, at £12,000 you receive a once in a lifetime package, check it out here.

Cycling on the most dangerous road in the world

La Paz, Bolivia has a very famous road. Death Road. Daredevil tourists just love cycling across the 40-mile journey, the bike ride is mostly downhill and descends 11,800 foot throughout. Every year, approximately 25,000 mountain bikers visit the terrifying road. You can check out hundreds of reviews on trip advisor and some of the images will make you book your ticket right now! Have a look here. The tour consists of scheduled breaks as the landscapes change dramatically. The best thing is, you can be reassured with the guide’s top equipment and excellent safety record.

A Surfers Dream – Jaws, Peahi, Hawaii

Jaws is the best place to visit if you love to surf, as the waves can peak up to 80 feet in height! These waves could be the best surf of your life, but it could also end in death. The best way, and probably the only way to conquer the waves is to do be towed in by a jet ski as the waves are too big to approach by just you and your surfboard. However a lot of the time, there’s big surf events on. So if you want to surf here, you will need to get your timing right for the right waves. Here’s a YouTube video which really does put into perspective how big the waves actually are.

Cave of Swallows, Mexico

Base Jumping is a terrifying experience in itself. It’s a very unique experience. The opening of the Cave of Swallows is 196 feet wide. The lowest point of the cave is 1,092 feet. That is a very long free fall. The Cave of Swallows is considered the largest cave shaft in the world. The second pit of Mexico’s cave is the 11th deepest in the world. (1,220 feet.) When you do decide to base jump in the cave, prepare yourself for the cold temperatures below. And if it’s rainy, it will be like a waterfall. Although it is in the top 20 deepest caves in the world, it’s only a 12 second free fall drop. I know that it sounds disappointing, but just wait until you get inside, it’s beautiful. Nothing that you’ve ever seen before! Look into it here.

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