Most Romantic and Beautiful Destination for Weddings Abroad 2018

Posted on Wednesday, 17 March 2018

Are you planning your wedding abroad?

Here are the most romantic, beautiful and unique wedding destinations you should consider.


Getting married in France is the ultimate dream wedding destination. Wherever you go in France, you’re surrounded by untouched beautiful landscapes, the romantic atmosphere as well as the sun being around a lot more! French vintage wine is amazing and French cuisine is delicious! There are also amazing chateaux available which can make your wedding look like a real-life fairy tale.

New York

A city wedding in New York is quite different to regular marriage destinations, however it’s the best place to have a memorable city wedding. Whether you want to be at the top of the iconic Rockefeller centre with a breathtaking 360 degree skyline view, or in the Belvedere Castle (Belvedere originated from Italian meaning of “beautiful view”) in Central Park with the most beautiful panoramic view of some of the most classical landmarks in the park, New York has it all.


There’s a number of reasons why you should choose Italy for your wedding. The weather is fantastic from May right up until October, so whatever day you choose, you will know that rain will not be an issue. Like it is in England. The Italian architecture is timeless. Wherever you go, know that the buildings will be fantastic and even more breathtaking in real life. The Italian cuisine is mouth-watering followed by the wine being very best quality and taste. To put the cherry on top, your wedding photos will be phenomenal because of the purity of the elegant landscapes that Italy cherishes.


Greece should be one of your choices, it’s one of the cheapest ways and places to get married abroad. But, just because it’s cheap, it doesn’t mean it’s any less desirable than any of the other destinations. Scenic islands surround the country, the intense bright blue sea and fascinating art. You can carry out your wedding with the well-known Greek traditions, music and food. Greek buildings are specific, unusual and have a significant history behind them that make great photographs. Peloponnese is probably the perfect wedding place in Greece to have your big day as it has everything to offer. But beware of the heat as you will find yourself relaxing in it a lot of the time!


Countryside, history, over 300 choices of whiskey, mountains, lochs, tartan, architecture.. The list can go on! Scotland has a ride range of locations and islands to choose from. Famous for “runaway“ weddings, holidays and amazing castles. Scotland is a beautiful place to visit and an even better place to get married! Madonna had her wedding at Skibo Castle, Dornoch. So it’s definitely worth considering.

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