Airline Classes Explained

Posted on Monday, 19 March 2018

What are the different airline classes and is it worth paying more?

Normally airlines offer 4 different cabin classes with their service.


Economy flights are a lot comfier than you would imagine. The airline industry is more competitive than ever, so customer well-being is always the airline’s priority. Being the cost-effective way to travel, there’s a limited choice of meals, snacks and drinks to buy on the flight and the rows and seats are a bit narrower than the other classes of the flight. International economy flying can be pretty nice, depending which airline you fly with. Meals and entertainment are normally provided. However, travel packs that include eye masks, compact toothpaste and toothbrushes and a pillow can be found with certain airlines. The more expensive the airline, the better the service.

Premium Economy

Not all airlines offer premium economy. However, premium economy in airlines delivers a lot more flexibility with larger seats, that bit more legroom (5-7 inches more) and priority check in. As well as having a better variety of meals and drinks, flying economy has never been better. Occasionally, premium economy can even get you increased free baggage allowance!

International premium economy flights are where you’ll see the biggest difference. With extra room to recline back and extra seat width, you’ll feel a lot more refreshed when you touch down at your destination. It includes touch-screen entertainment, larger screens that come with a USB port, power socket, single pin audio jack and reading lamp with every seat! In fact, we’d say it’s up there with business class – without the business class price tag!

Business Class

“Office in the sky” briefly explains what business class is. Airlines offer the necessary conditions for people to make travelling and working a lot easier. The seating has more width, distance and legroom. Some airlines offer swivelling seats to make face-to-face meetings airbourne possible. A lot of the time airlines have fully flat beds provided in business class, which makes it even more desirable!

In addition to the work space-like cabins, business class passengers will be able to plug in their electronics, like laptops, USBs and phones, as well as having access to the internet by WIFI. Business class passengers have access to premium food and beverages, as they have their own separate menus which can contain gourmet food and alcohol. Finally, passengers will have travel kits including bedding and toiletries. Entertainment options are available for when you do need a work break!

First Class

Flying first class is just as good as it sounds. Depending on which airline you choose, you could bag yourself complimentary black car chauffeur, exclusive airline lounges, priority check in, boarding and baggage handling, free checked baggage and extra frequent flyer points. This style of travel is fit for royalty.  The food is ready when you are, created by Michelin-starred chefs. And if that isn’t enough, it’s made to order. The handpicked wines are from the world’s top wineries. You can then pick your dessert. Of course, when you’re ready for it! And the cherry on the cake? It’s all served on porcelain tableware and crystal glasses.

After your 5 star meal, you can sit back and unwind. There’s a choice of ways to relax on first class flights, whether you want to go to the bar and grab a cocktail, have a massage thousands of feet above the ground or pamper yourself with an in-flight shower before getting your pyjamas on and watch countless hours of five star entertainment. The seats recline into fully flat beds padded with luxury Egyptian cotton bedding.

First class travel seems like a dream, however it will cost you quite a few pennies!

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