6 tips for flying with your wedding dress

Posted on Tuesday, 23 March 2019

Planning a destination wedding? Have you thought about how to transport your wedding dress safely for the big day? If you're looking for tips on flying with your wedding dress, then look no further, as we've got all the information you need – no Bridezilla tantrums necessary.

First things first, think about your chosen destination wedding location. If you've selected a popular resort for destination weddings, there's a chance you won't be the only blushing soon-to-be bride on your flight. More than one bride means more than one huge dress, so space is likely to be at a premium when you factor in baggage from every other holidaymaker on your chosen flight.

Obviously, your dress is a priority to you, but in a busy flight situation, cabin crew have to keep everyone happy – and that means making sure everyone's baggage is transported safely, too.

Luckily, with a few smart tips, you can make sure your wedding dress makes it to your destination wedding spot in tip top condition, making you camera-ready on the big day.

1. Do your research

Start your research by contacting your airline to find out what their rules and regulations are surrounding transporting wedding dresses onboard a flight. With strict hand luggage regulations now in play, it's unlikely you will be able to bring it as a carry-on, but it's always worth asking to find out where you stand.

Some airlines have a hanging wardrobe onboard flights which can be used by brides wishing to transport a wedding dress abroad for their wedding, so find out if your chosen airline offers this service. Be warned, hanging wardrobes aren't the most spacious, so contact them ahead of time to see if you can be the person who takes advantage of this option for flying with your wedding dress.

Not all airlines will offer you different options for flying with your wedding dress, and some may insist on asking you to check it in as hold luggage. This may be upsetting, as you could be determined to keep it close by at all times, in which case you might want to book with another carrier.

However, the best way to approach the situation is to do your homework, be organised and assess all of the options available to you for a smooth and stress-free flight on the day.

2. Book your wedding dress its own seat on the aeroplane

Sounds crazy, but what better way to keep an eye on your wedding dress to guarantee it reaches your wedding destination in pristine condition?

Booking an aeroplane seat for your wedding dress may be costly, but it's a smart way to take matters into your own hands (literally) if you're unsure about the rules on hand luggage, hanging wardrobes and hold luggage when it comes to transporting your beloved gown.

If you decide to book an aeroplane seat for your wedding dress, be sure to contact your airline ahead of your flight to explain the situation and confirm this is acceptable to them. If they agree to let you book your wedding dress its own plane seat, the airline will require additional information like the size and weight of your dress. So, be prepared to make a few calls before getting this ticked off your wedmin to-do list.

The good news is, you shouldn't expect to pay the price of a full priced seat on the plane for your wedding dress, as most airlines should offer this to you at a slightly reduced priced.

3. Packing your wedding dress to fly

When preparing to fly with your wedding dress, you need to have a plan on how to pack it up for safe transportation. The best place to start is with the bridal shop, who will be able to advise about wedding dress packing tips and specialist flight bags for wedding dresses.

Once you have the flight bag or packaging sorted, pick up some acid-free white tissue paper and layer it in between folds in your wedding dress to prevent it from creasing.

If your bridal shop is unable to recommend a flight bag for your wedding dress, you can purchase a special wedding dress flight box to help you transport it securely. Check out Amazon, eBay or specialist companies for this – you may be able to bag yourself a bargain if you start searching ahead of time.

If you haven't yet chosen your wedding dress, it's worth bearing in mind the fact certain materials will travel better than others, so you may wish to choose a dress that's more suitable for transportation abroad. Chiffon and charmeuse will both travel well, as they fold easily and don't crease as much as heavier fabrics like tulle and crinoline. However, don't worry too much about this – as long as you pack smartly and carefully, your dream dress should arrive in the same condition it left in.

4 Don't overpack hand luggage

Once you have organised how to fly with your wedding dress, think about the rest of your wedding flight luggage. Packing light on your hand luggage will be a lifesaver, as your wedding dress will be extremely heavy to carry so you won't want to be laden down with much else. A small handbag would be ideal, as you can use it to carry your passport, boarding pass and other documents, plus your purse and mobile – but anything larger and heavier could see you cursing yourself later on!

Remember, the walk from the departure lounge to the boarding gate can be up to a mile at larger airports like Gatwick, which is a long way to carry a heavy wedding dress plus other bags.

5. Make your journey as easy as possible

Think about each stage of your journey to your wedding destination, from your doorstep to your destination.

Booking airport parking can take some of the stress out of your journey, as you can take control of your journey to the airport and eradicate the stress of waiting for a taxi to turn up.

Make sure you book in with a Park Mark approved airport parking company that can be trusted with your car, with helpful and friendly staff who will make your transition from car to airport smooth and hassle-free.

6. Unpack your wedding dress at your destination

The first thing you should do when you arrive at your wedding destination is to unpack your wedding dress. Do this carefully and hang it up immediately to allow any creases to drop out naturally. This should leave your dress looking perfect, ready for your special day!

If you follow all these tips, you should set yourself up for a stress-free and fabulous wedding day abroad – please share any other tips you have with us on our social media pages!