6 Reasons To Visit Bucharest This Year - Airport Park & Ride

Posted on Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Bucharest city breaks have become more and more popular destinations with Glasgow Airport customers since Blue Air launched its service to the Romanian capital in 2015. You can also fly there directly from Gatwick and Luton Airports with a choice of airlines, including Wizz Air and EasyJet.

So why are Bucharest city breaks so hot right now? And what is there to do, see and eat there? We’ve delved into this fascinating city to let you know why so many people love to spend a long weekend in Bucharest. Read on to start planning your trip!

1. For the cool and cheap nights out

Despite being one of the coolest places for an amazing night out, Bucharest is one of the cheapest places to party. Work your way around the historic quarter’s buzzing cocktail bars, clubs and pubs for a fraction of the budget you’ll need in some European cities. The night doesn’t begin until 9pm, but with no licensing hours, you can party until the sun comes up. There’s an eclectic mix of scenes to choose from. So, whether you’re into superstar DJs, gritty student dives or live bands from the local music scene, you’ll find it here. Just make sure you plan your transport for the night. Hotspots are dotted all over the city and taxis aren’t always readily available.

2. To visit Dracula’s castle

Fans of Dracula flock to Bran Castle. This imposing structure is perched on top of a 200-foot high rock and steeped in legend. Despite the fact Bram Stoker never actually visited the country, let alone the castle itself, it hasn’t stopped tourists visiting in their droves. Linked to the legend of Dracula, it’s a world-famous landmark where you can enjoy a fascinating day out. Take a guided tour of the castle, discover the open-air museum and soak up art and furniture on display.

Bran Castle is located near Brasov, which is around three hours’ away from Bucharest by train. It costs less than €20 for a round trip by train. Alternatively, you can book an all-day bus or private car tour which will take you there, with a guide on hand to tell you more about Bucharest and surrounding areas on the way.

3. For the food

Tripe soup, anyone? Romanian delicacies on offer when you visit Bucharest include ciorbă de burtă, translated as tripe soup. Apparently, it tastes a lot better than it sounds! Soup can be found practically everywhere in Bucharest, and other popular variations include a noodle soup.

Another popular traditional food is salata de vinete, an aubergine dip served with delicious fresh bread.

If you’re a meat lover, the famous mitetei has to be top of your list of Romanian food to try during your stay. Picture a sausage without the casing, this delicacy is made out of mixed meats and spices, and served with mustard. Make sure you order an icy cold beer to wash it down!

Got a sweet tooth? Try the papanași, the Romanian version of a doughnut which is served with cream and jam. What better way to finish off a meal or indulge in an afternoon sugar fix?

4. For the wine

If you fancy a tipple with your traditional grub, Romania has some delicious wines on offer. Did you know Romania is actually one of the world’s largest wine producers and the sixth biggest producer in Europe? In fact, Romania’s wine industry dates back more than 6,000 years. There’s plenty to try, and you can book a Bucharest wine tasting tour which takes you out of the city and into the region’s beautiful vineyards if you’re keen to find out more.

Many people prefer to just sample different wines in the city’s many bars and restaurants, so if you’re looking for some guidance on what to try, check out this blog on 10 of the best Romanian wines.

5. It’s easier than ever to get to Bucharest from Glasgow

Good news for anyone thinking about booking a city break to Bucharest this year. Glasgow Airport customers are well-served by Bucharest connections, with airline Blue Air adding extra capacity for summer 2019. The enhanced service will see passengers enjoy direct flights from Glasgow to Bucharest four times a week every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from April 5th this year.

Blue Air first launched its Bucharest service back in 2015, and it has become one of the most popular destinations for Glasgow Airport customers. In fact, it’s Scotland’s only direct flight to Romania.

5. Amazing architecture

Once dubbed the “Little Paris” of Eastern Europe, Bucharest has some incredible architecture to take in. In fact, the architectural landscape in Romania is extremely eclectic and includes buildings from medieval, modern, wartime, communist and contemporary eras.

The term Little Paris was given to Bucharest for the elegant architecture which cropped up all over the city in between the two wars.

If architecture is your thing, the best way to take it all in and learn about its origins is by booking a walking tour of Bucharest’s. You can find information on free walking tours of the city here . Or, if you feel like upgrading to pay for a more architecture-themed tour, check out websites like this one here .

Things to remember before booking your Bucharest city break

Once you’ve booked your flights from Glasgow Airport, Luton Airport or Gatwick Airport to Bucharest, there are a few things to remember before you go.

Firstly, always make sure you book travel insurance before your trip, to cover you for any eventuality. You can find out more about why you need travel insurance here , and book here .

Next, plan how you are going to get to the airport. If you can rope in a friend or family member to give you a lift, then great. Many people also like to book a taxi to the airport before their holiday. However, if you are travelling at unsociable hours, or want the convenience of getting back into your own car when you arrive back in the UK, airport parking is a great option. Just make sure you get a good price for your airport parking, and your chosen car park has the Park Mark approval for your peace of mind.  All of our park and ride airport car parks are close to the airport and have the Park Mark approval. Browse and book here .

Finally, make sure your passport is up-to-date ahead of your trip. There’s nothing worse than the panic of having to renew your passport in a hurry as your holiday looms closer. Find out how to replace or renew a UK passport here .