5 tips for travelling alone

Posted on Thursday, 1 March 2018

Travelling alone can be an amazing experience, but many people find it a scary prospect. Google searches for solo travel have increased by 40% since the start of 2015, so we have decided to bring you five essential tips to help you plan and execute your big adventure.

1. Plan – a little!

It’s great to be organised, and planning major attractions to visit is smart ahead of time, to beat the queues.  Doing your research is a crucial part of your trip, but our advice is to leave a little time to explore, get lost and stumble upon hidden secrets you may not have found if you were sticking to a rigid schedule. Plus, you may find yourself overtired if your timetable is bursting at the seams, so time to relax, unwind or let your hair down could be just the tonic.

2. Email your documents to yourself

This is a really smart move if you lose your passport and can help to mitigate the damage should the worst happen. If you copy your passport and other travel documents then email it to yourself and a friend (just in case!), you have a safety net to help you resolve the situation more easily.

Check out our blog on what to do if you lose your passport here.

3. Pack light

Let’s face it – you can only rely on yourself to carry that case or backpack around, so make sure you can comfortably carry it! As long as you have a decent pair of shoes to explore your destination in comfort, you only need a few essentials to get yourself around. Plus, you may be able to launder your clothes if you’re staying in Airbnbs rather than hotels, so you can reuse the same garments.

4. Be selfish!

Travelling with other people always involves an element of compromise. After all, no two people want to do exactly the same thing all of the time. Solo travel is your chance to be completely selfish and just please yourself! Love culture? Explore museums and galleries all day with no one complaining they’re bored. Night owl? Stay out and sleep in, then plan your day around your own body clock rather than someone else’s. Travel companions may moan about eating at the same place twice or getting up early to work out. The beauty of travelling on your own is you can do whatever you like! You do you 😉

5. Be brave

Get out of your comfort zone to make the most of your trip. It may seem hard, but it will be worth it! Chat to strangers (as long as you stay safe!), accept invitations, download apps to help meet people and always try to engage with locals to get the best tips on the area. You will thank yourself later!

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