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Posted on Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Airports seem to get busier with every trip. And airlines are squeezing more of us into packed planes than ever before. So in the face of all that drama, how can we make journeys less stressful and more enjoyable? Read on to find out why we think you deserve to book an airport lounge on your next trip.

1. Save money

OK, hear us out with this one. You may think airport lounges are expensive, and it’s true that they don’t always come cheap. However, airports are expensive places. So, would you rather spend £25 on a soggy sandwich, a bottle of water and a couple of magazines, or spend it on your one-way ticket into VIP luxury?

There are great deals to be found for airport lounges if you do your research online, with regular discounts available. Plus, once you’re inside the lounge, most things will be free. So, when you’re sipping on a complimentary coffee or glass of wine, indulging in the free snacks on offer while reading the morning papers, you’ll soon feel like your money was well-spent.

2. Keep the kids busy

Did you know many airport lounges cater for kids? Under twos could even be free, and there may be plenty for them to do inside.

Check out the airport lounge facilities at your chosen airport to see what’s on offer for little ones. The chances are, you’ll discover you can keep the kids occupied in a dedicated play area or games zone while you recline with a good book. After all, most parents know travelling with children can be a challenge, and delays can make the situation infinitely worse.

3. Soak up the silence

Any frequent flier knows airports can be chaotic places. The noise and bustle can prove irritating at best, and extremely stressful at worst. Airport lounges, on the other hand, are calm and tranquil places designed to counteract the hectic nature of the airport experience. Whether you need to get some work done, have forty winks or simply revel in the silence, this is the place to do it.

4. Stay in the loop

Most airport lounges have highly trained staff who are ready to cater to your every need. If a delay happens, you’ll be the first to know and they will keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds (while your less fortunate fellow travellers stare at a departure board for hours).

5. Live like a VIP

Affordable luxuries are one of life’s great pleasures. And while you may not have considered booking an airport lounge in the past, it’s a small cost when you add up your entire holiday budget. So why not treat yourself to a taste of the VIP lifestyle? For those of us who take regular business trips, it can be a great way to break up the monotony of travel. Meanwhile, those of us who only get away once or twice away deserve a little opulence once in a while, right? That’s what holidays are all about, after all 🙂

What’s included in an airport lounge?

Airport lounges usually offer a range of free food and drink, as well as newspapers, magazines, WiFi and TV.

They have comfortable seating and plenty of space for you to relax.

Many airport lounges have workstations you can use, or even showers and beds.

Do airport lounges serve free alcohol?

Airport lounges serve alcohol and usually offer a range of free alcoholic drinks to customers. However, you may have to pay a little extra for certain items, like champagne or cocktails. The free drinks on offer will vary depending on where you are, so research your chosen airport’s lounge facilities to see what’s in store.

How long can I stay in an airport lounge?

Most airport lounges limit your stay to around three hours, or two in some cases. If you’re booking an airport lounge online, check the length of stay and make sure it fits nicely with the time you plan to be there, factoring in transfer buses to the airport and security queues. The last thing you want is to have used up some of your allocated time before you even arrive, then face a long delay you could have spent in the lap of luxury.

You could be in luck, however. Some airport lounges, like Aspire lounge at Gatwick Airport, will allow you to remain in the lounge if your flight is delayed. This could definitely soften the blow!

How to book an airport lounge at Glasgow Airport

If you’re lucky enough to fly out of Glasgow Airport business or first class with major airlines, you may well have airport lounges included in your travel package. However, most of us have to travel on more of a budget. Luckily, there are still a number of ways to book an airport lounge at Glasgow Airport’s Upper Deck Lounge.

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Where to book airport parking ahead of your airport lounge experience

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