Best Gadgets of 2018 & Giveaway

Posted on Friday, 16 March 2018

We’re always looking for easier ways to travel. Whether you’re going on a road trip, or more importantly when you’re travelling abroad, gadgets can always make your life a lot easier, and especially when you’re travelling.

Check out our round-up of the best travel gadgets out there for less than £100.

Power bank

You can never go wrong with a power bank. They can save you a lot of time and hassle! I personally would recommend the A-series portable charger by Zendure, as it’s a lot smarter than it looks. First of all it’s little. It weighs only 136 grams! This particular power bank is designed for travelling. It can hold up to 95% of its charge after six months without use, making it the ultimate travel emergency portable charger.

This product includes ZEN+ technology. If you don’t know what this is, it means that the charger delivers the best charging power to deliver to your device as soon as it connects, as well as automatically turning itself on and off when you connect a device. You can also charge the bank whilst it’s charging a device.

The A-series is safe to take on board, you’re also allowed to use it as a carry on item. Titan Airways use the A-series to power their pilots’ electronic flight bags! Finally, Zendure offers an 18 months warranty. They’re even so confident you’ll love it that they’ll replace the product for free, in that time, if anything goes wrong.

Take a look here!


E-readers like the Amazon Kindle are the lightest and easiest way to keep you occupied, whether you want to pass time at the airport, relax in the sun on the beach or even to help you get to sleep at night. Kindles come in a range of specs and sizes, however all Kindles are glare resistant with screen technology which you can adjust so your eyes won’t get tired. Battery life is not an issue with the Kindle as they can last for weeks – perfect for travel. With over 5.5 million books to choose from, you’ll always have a book you’ll want to read and avid readers can travel with hundreds of books without taking up valuable space in your suitcase.

Look here at the Kindle selection.


Tile have created a gadget that can track your valuable items. You simply attach your tile onto your keys, leave it in your bag or even your wallet. Depending what type of tile you decide to purchase, depends on what functionalities you can get. You can even use your tile to find your phone by double tapping the button on your tile and your phone will begin to ring, even on silent. Your phone can track your tile by seeing it on the map. As the tile can reach up to 200m on bluetooth, tile remembers when and where you left something behind. You can create a search party with millions of users of the tile community. The tile is waterproof and durable which is ideal when you’re travelling! This device lasts a year before the battery runs out, however when you come to replace your tile battery, you can receive a special buyer’s discount.

Have a look at all of the different tiles you can buy here.

Travel adaptor

If travelling is your absolute favourite thing to do, as well as wanting to tick off as many countries as possible, adapters are your best friend. BEZ have created a world wide travel adapter charger that’s all in one! This adapter can charge your devices in 150+ countries as well as being safety fused. The small design works perfectly for travelling. It’s a real money saver. The adapter comes with built-in dual USB ports so you can charge your phone easily anywhere you go. It comes with a case so you know it can’t be damaged whilst you’re going from one country to another.

Buy online here.

Wireless speaker

There’s nothing more comforting than listening to the music you love, especially when you can be thousands of miles away from home! As well as having a peace of mind with a 18 months warranty, Anker do a limited edition Christmas package which the wireless speaker comes with a travel case, a 4 foot auxiliary cable and a micro USB charging cable. The battery life lasts for a whole 24 hours! (that’s approximately 500 songs) The waterproof design lets you extend your limits with this speaker, ideal for beach parties or even having your very own concert in the shower. Having a grab and go design, this is a very travel friendly and high quality speaker.

Have a look here!

Wireless earbuds

If your type of travel is a lot more peaceful, or you’re travelling by yourself, a big speaker can be unnecessary. Syllable have designed wireless earbuds with noise cancelling technology. The wireless buds have extra detachable battery chips. This particular set of buds comes with an intelligent charging box, which can be used as a carry case, as well as providing the earbuds with 4-6 full charges! Perfect for travelling.

More information here.

How to get your hands on a top travel gadget

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The winner will be announced 5th March 2018.. Good luck!